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2007 Queens

The  goal of the Miss U.S. Pageant is to promote beauty, intelligence, self- confidence and to give each young woman an opportunity to promote ones’ community service or platform.

And the winner is………. That quickly, your life could be changed forever! Have you ever dreamed of being a pageant contestant, stepping into the spotlight as the emcee announces your name as the winner? This is your chance to make that dream a reality! Take action now and become a part of this exciting opportunity a YOU could be crowned the next  Miss US. Don't miss this opportunity….. and sign up today! There is no talent competition and no experience is necessary.
Applications are currently being accepted for contestants to which to represent their state or region. Please Fill out the application and submit it along with a photo for consideration. The National office will evaluate each application and select one representative for each state/ region.

Please feel free to contact us with any further questions

SupermodelsMRS QUEEN 2007
Photo By: Clay Spann